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Eric Baird Showcases Tarpon Pointe Marina Renovations

Following a six-figure makeover by its owner Eric Baird, the final stages of which were completed last week, Tarpon Pointe Marina in Bradenton, Florida, has never looked better.

“Tarpon Pointe Marina has recently undergone an extensive $311,000 renovation,” explains part-owner Eric Baird, speaking from his office in Sarasota, Florida.

Originally known as Manatee Landings, Tarpon Pointe provides a full-service marina offering. Features of the newly renovated Bradenton-based site include fueling and pump-out stations, jet ski lifts, servicing and maintenance provisions, a bait and tackle shop, and more. There’s also an on-site restaurant, and 24-hour security is provided across the property.

Tarpon Pointe Marina also boasts among the largest boat storage warehouses in the region, capable of accommodating vessels up to 40 feet long and 30 feet high. “The newly renovated marina looks fantastic,” says Baird, “and, located on the beautiful Manatee River, is now ready for new tenants.”

Eric Baird is the owner and founder of Baird Inc., an investment firm specializing in asset-based lending. The company’s mission is to alter the trajectory of growing small businesses by injecting much-needed funds. In addition to Tarpon Pointe Marina, the entrepreneur is also a part-owner of several other businesses. These include Hotel Ranola and Baird Real Estate.

Tarpon Pointe Marina is perfectly positioned in the heart of Bradenton, Florida, around 40 miles south of Tampa. “The marina has been serving the Bradenton and wider Sarasota area for over 15 years,” adds Eric Baird.

Further to Tarpon Pointe Marina, the Florida city of Bradenton is also home to the South Florida Museum, the Bishop Planetarium, and Parker Manatee Aquarium. The city’s Riverwalk public park is another popular destination. Numerous shops, studios, and galleries, meanwhile, occupy an array of colorfully restored cottages in its so-called Village of the Arts.

A feature of Bradenton for more than a decade and a half, Tarpon Pointe Marina continues to attract frequent five-star reviews. “Best marina I’ve ever been to. We came in for the event last weekend, and the crew there treated us well. We’ll definitely be back,” says one such recent review.

“Extremely friendly and helpful. Knowledgeable staff that goes above and beyond,” says another. “The guys here are great! We love keeping our boat at the marina,” adds a third recently received five-star review of Tarpon Pointe.

Meet Eric Baird

Eric Baird is the CEO and founder of renowned investment company Baird Inc., where, at its helm, the Sarasota-based entrepreneur routinely exercises his decades-long business background. Baird regularly channels his lifelong passion for industry and innovation to help service the needs of the firm’s ever-growing roster of small-cap and mid-market clients.

Philanthropic entrepreneur and business visionary Baird also serves as the president of the Gail Baird Foundation. Led by the Florida native, the private family foundation’s goal is to support initiatives committed to increasing awareness of ovarian cancer plus researching and finding a cure for the disease.

How to Turn Restlessness Into Impactful Innovation

Eric Baird on How to Turn Restlessness Into Impactful Innovation

If you or your team are feeling restless in 2021, you’re far from alone. New stresses, new work situations, and continued uncertainty about the future are all contributing to restless feelings throughout many industries. People are unsure what plans to make, struggling to focus, and generally feeling like there should be something more. Eric Baird […]
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If you or your team are feeling restless in 2021, you’re far from alone. New stresses, new work situations, and continued uncertainty about the future are all contributing to restless feelings throughout many industries. People are unsure what plans to make, struggling to focus, and generally feeling like there should be something more.

Eric Baird believes that’s fine: Restlessness is a classic example of a problem that’s also an opportunity – and there are healthy ways to deal with it. Here are Eric Baird’s suggestions for using that restlessness to create new ideas and approaches that will benefit everyone.

Eric Baird Suggests Starting with a New Approach

Restlessness is often a subconscious sign that things need to change in some way for your personal happiness or the success of your project – although it’s not always clear how they should change. Fortunately, with today’s many vendors, platforms, and apps, it’s usually possible to make a try at least a few approaches.

Eric Baird advises starting with alternative software because it’s an easy step and free trial periods make it a low-cost option to investigate. Are you interested in a new project management system? New inventory controls? Enhanced budgeting software? Simply a new text editor? Try a few out: If nothing else, you’ll have a better idea of the features that you really do want and what seems to be missing.

Take Time Out of the Day to Exercise

Restlessness is also a sign that’s it’s time to take a break, get up, and move around. Eric Baird suggests setting time apart in the middle of the day specifically for exercise. Even if you can’t get to a gym easily, a jog or walk around the block can still be just the break you need. It will help reset our body, clear our mind, and may show you exactly what’s been feeling wrong lately.

Find One New Person to Network with a Day

Restlessness can also be a sign of missing potential. Eric Baird likes the idea of setting a simple goal like contacting someone new every day with a simple message. Reach out to someone you want to network with, someone you’d like to collaborate with, someone whose work you have really appreciated, a person you would like as a mentor, someone who may be able to offer simple advice, a leader or team you would rather work for – and so on. Keep at it, and Eric Baird Believes chances are good you’ll find new opportunities, discussions, and ideas for the future.

Write Down What is Most Annoying You Right Now

When restlessness is distracting you from your goals, take a moment to examine your feelings and thoughts. Eric Baird suggests noting down the top several things that are annoying you right now, personal or professional. Take a look at the list and try to find a step you can take to help deal with one of the top annoyances. Keep repeating the practice, and deal with your annoyances on your own turf.

Start Saving for a Dream Goal

Even if you aren’t sure why you’re restless now, chances are good that you’ll realize it eventually. What you can do now to make a difference and help feel better is start setting aside money, unallocated funds that you can use for whatever you want in the future. Eric Baird advises that this monthly savings habit can be useful in your personal life or your business. Then, when inspiration strikes, you’ll have some resources to get to work.

Eric Baird Sarasota Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Eric Baird has Racked Up the Accolades. Here’s Why He Says It Doesn’t Matter

Awards are a distraction. Instead, real success is measured by impact. Or at least that’s the thinking of Eric Baird, who, despite racking up accolades, says entrepreneurs should “go humble” rather than boastful, in response to success.

Eric Baird is a real estate investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. His company, Baird Inc, specializes in helping clients discover financial solutions that will help them meet their financial goals, secure their financial futures, and serve the needs of mid-market and small-cap businesses. He is also the founder of MyUs.com, a mail forwarding and shipping company that has received the Governor’s Business Diversification Award for Export Excellence in recognition of the organization’s success in creating jobs all across the state and in boosting capital investment in local communities and businesses.

When it comes to award-winning work, this is just the tip of the iceberg for Eric Baird and his numerous enterprises.

MyUs.com was founded in 1997 under the name, Access USA Shipping. Early on, the organization earned its place in the market by selling mailboxes across the state for soldiers and ex-patriots in different locations all over the world. But in recent years, the company has enjoyed its most significant successes in the global shipping market.

For his enterprising work with MyUs.com, Eric Baird has earned the Entrepreneur of the Year award. This distinction signifies ingenuity in the creation of novel, successful business models, but it is also given to award entrepreneurs whose business constructs do more than just benefit buyers and sellers- but to reward and recognize the creators of new companies that have had a greater benefit for the economy and society as a whole.

Due to Eric Baird’s hard work and business acumen, MyUs.com’s revenues have increased by 152% since the company’s inception, growing from $10.3 million to an impressive $26 million in just two years. The company’s workforce grew from 30 to 50 in one year’s time and net income increased by significant proportions.

Eric Baird commented that the award is an important achievement for his organization as recognition of his work and that of his team to benefit the local economy and the people it supports.

But Eric Baird is not resting on his laurels. More recently, he has given $350 directly to each and every teacher working in Sarasota County, and the Gail Baird Foundation has delivered comfort totes to ovarian cancer patients at the Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Gail Linda Baird is Eric’s mother and has always been a source of the family tradition that is hard work, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. It is a tradition in which the Foundation continuously seeks to expand upon and for which Sarasota and the broader Floridian community are grateful.



Eric Baird

Signs of a Business Being Expansion-Ready Per Eric Baird

When a business gets started, everything is focused on just trying to stay in the black and keep things operating. However, at a certain point, according to Eric Baird, growth starts to send signals that something bigger is on the horizon and the enterprise is on the verge of breaking out if the owners are dialed in. And that shift can happen very quickly in terms of the jump from a starting small business to a larger paradigm. Eric Baird explains this is also known as the Wal-Mart effect when a company suddenly has to expand fast to match the spike in increased demand for its new product or service.

Fortunately, Eric Baird confirms there are clear signs that can be seen if one knows what to look for. These include the following from Eric Baird’s experiences:

The Perfect Team is present – With a starting company the ideal team can be critical in bringing a great idea to fruition and succeeding as a company. The synergy of the right talent combination` can bulldoze through challenges that much larger companies struggle to solve. Eric Baird points out owners need to stay focused on strategy and nimble leadership. A high-performing team and help take care of the operations, so when they are in place, it’s time to kick growth into high gear.

Demand grows exponentially – When the order and sales start moving up the charts fast, it’s a high signal the company needs to be able to size up to stay on top of that demand. Eric Baird points out when companies can’t scale fast, someone else will come in and fill the market with substitutes. Vacuums don’t last very long.

Your analysis already told you to grow – Eric Baird has found sometimes owners go through an emotional tunnel, dealing with anxiety and fear about growing fast. This is often the case when their business analysis is already confirming the obvious, but fear of bigger failure holds people back. Eric Baird notes this is the ideal time to grow because holding back becomes clearly irrational and harmful to the business, letting the opportunity pass by.

Early goals are completely accomplished and checked off – Every new business has goals, make it through the year, hire five more people, double income quit a full-time job to run a small business full-time. Whatever those initials goals are, when they’ve already been met are about to be, Eric Baird argues it’s time to scale up to bigger targets fast.

Success is consistent – Seasonal success is common when riding the tailcoats of other business drivers like holiday sales, for example. However, when the company’s successes happen day in day out, Eric Baird points out it’s time to move into growth fast. The success is there but it won’t be if not used wisely.

You’re suffering from a good struggle – Bad struggles involve not having the right talent or not enough cash flow to pay bills. Alternatively, Eric Baird notes a good struggle involves more opportunity is available than one can handle. When that happens, it’s time to grow and respond to growing fast.


Baird Inc.

5 Things You Must Know About Baird Inc.

It is said that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Yet, for the sector that supposedly helps carry the country, it seems as if small businesses always have it rough — from securing financing as a startup to sustaining their commerce. 

Securing a loan from banks has always been a struggle for small and/or starting businesses. Add the fact that running a trade means incurring costs left and right. All these make it easy to get disheartened about ever starting a business. Thankfully, private equity firms exist, and the right one can help fill in that financial gap and give you a better chance at succeeding in your venture.

 Importance of private equity and financing firms

 While they aren’t always the go-to source of funding for some startups and small businesses, private equity firms are increasing in importance and demand — most especially for entrepreneurs looking to scale beyond the launch phase and find “bigger fish to fry.” Usually, banks provide financing in the form of business loans. However, when business owners need cash for new equipment, more inventory, and other resources to meet the demand, equity firms simply have deeper pockets.

One of the leading equity firms in the space is Baird Inc., which has secured its spot as one of the top financing companies in the U.S. Specializing in providing financial solutions to small and mid-market businesses, here are five things you need to know about this steadily growing firm:

 1. It’s for the upstarts and big dreamers

When it comes to finding businesses to pour its pools of capital in, Baird Inc. focuses on small to mid-market businesses that show potential for growth. While some equity firms only approve capital investments for businesses in certain industries, Baird Inc. stands out from the crowd by being undiscriminating in this regard. Instead, it chooses to base its decision on a business or borrower’s strategic plan. As long as a business is growth-oriented and has a feasible expectation of advancement, Baird Inc. is willing to help. 

Through this, more businesses have a chance of getting the capital they need to start, grow and sustain their ventures, regardless of what industry they’re trying to break into.

2. Loan plans benefit the borrowers

In the case of its loans, Baird Inc. usually structures its capital investments as a two to three-year senior-secured plan, with borrowers paying monthly interest, alongside equity warrants and other upside opportunities. This is typically done via re-financing, a traditional lender or through the actual company profits, whichever is agreed upon.

Either way, the strategy is advantageous to Baird Inc.’s borrowers, as it guarantees the retention of majority equity. This helps increase success while also minimizing the risk of borrowers getting stuck in their payments.

Banks that used to provide loans and capital are now becoming increasingly conservative and restrictive in lending, especially to businesses that are still under the sub-25 million revenue.

Baird Inc. steps in to bridge this gap for the small businesses, acting as a niche player for potential borrowers that are looking for capital and simply have nowhere else to turn to. This allows small business owners not only to get a starting loan but also receive support for costs that come from upgrading and the ever-changing market. It doesn’t end — access to new and potential markets as well as improving the overall process of the company are services that Baird Inc. offers.

Additionally, it helps provide operating partners with expertise in the company’s industry to assist or even help oversee the company operations. This way, not only will the borrower benefit from the partner’s expertise but also increase its chances of being a profitable enterprise thanks to added input.

 4. Diversity

 As mentioned above, Baird Inc. is an equity firm that thrives in diversity. Not only in the companies that it lends to but also in its partners and the companies that are already under it.

Baird Inc. understands that when it comes to making capital investments, the diversification of industries greatly increases your chances of growth and sustainability business-wise, which is why it boasts a multi-faceted portfolio that helps minimize risk. This ensures that Baird Inc. is stable, which in turn guarantees continued support to the companies that take loans from it, resulting in a win-win situation for all parties.

5. Success is its foundation

Baird Inc. was created by an entrepreneur that has success in his DNA.

CEO Eric Baird first founded MyUS.com, a Sarasota-based mail forwarding operation that soon transitioned into shipping American products to overseas customers. What started as an idea at the dinner table with his mother, Baird would then spend the next 15 years growing an initial loan of $30,000 into a 700 square-foot office, a global operation, and more than 400,000 customers from all over the world. This would earn Baird Review’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 award.

Baird sold MyUS.com in 2012 when the company was already worth $200 million.

Not long after, Baird channeled his passion for both business and entrepreneurship into establishing Baird Inc., an investment and equity firm that focuses on giving back to upstarts.

Today, Baird Inc. is a top competitor in the field of investments and private equities, continuing to serve America’s small to the medium-sized business industry. 


Eric Baird Celebrates the Purchase of the Historic Kress Building

Eric Baird Celebrates the Purchase of the Historic Kress Building

Real estate investor Eric Baird celebrates his purchase of Sarasota’s historic Kress Building as he plans its retail revitalization.

Selling last year for $5.8 million, downtown Sarasota’s Kress Building was purchased by local real estate investor Eric Baird. Celebrating his acquisition of the iconic site, Baird has gone on to reveal plans to bring in a number of luxury retailers as part of his anticipated revitalization of the almost 90-year-old Art Deco style property.

“It’s such a spectacular structure,” says the Kress Building’s proud new owner, Eric Baird, speaking from his home in Sarasota County, Florida, “and represents a great opportunity to deliver new, high-end retailers to bustling downtown Sarasota’s Main Street.”

Bringing an all-new luxury retail experience to the Kress Building’s first floor, the Art Deco masterpiece’s existing tenants will remain on the second and third floors, it’s understood. New owner Eric Baird himself, meanwhile, will move his own firm’s operations-those of investment outfit Baird Inc.-to the site’s fourth floor.

The property also boasts a large rooftop deck, affording those lucky enough to visit with a spectacular view out over the surrounding area. Spanning over 25,000 square feet in total, the historic Kress Building is located at 1440 Main Street in downtown Sarasota. First opened in 1932, the United States federal government added the Kress Building to its National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

“With its distinct facade, the iconic Kress Building is one of the few remaining Art Deco landmarks to be found locally,” adds proud new owner Eric Baird, further remarking on his acquisition.

Visual highlights of the famous and much-loved local building include wrap-around display windows, intricate terracotta detailing, and striking ornamental pilasters. Numerous interior elements are believed to take inspiration from the Middle East, while the Kress insignia still appears at the imposing front entrance, even now, almost a century since work first began on the construction of the building.

Eric Baird is reported to be understandably delighted with his purchase. “The iconic Kress Building structure has been here for nearly 90 years,” says the renowned real estate investor, “and it should continue to be celebrated.”

“Having successfully purchased the site, and with plans now afoot for its retail revitalization,” he adds, “I’m excited to be a part of Sarasota history moving forward.”

Eric Baird is the founder and CEO of investment firm Baird Inc., where, at its helm, the Sarasota-based entrepreneur and real estate investor channels his decades-long business background and his passion for the industry to help service the needs of the company’s roster of both small-cap and mid-market clients.

Under entrepreneur and real estate investor Eric Baird, the business specializes in financing solutions, including senior-secured and asset-based lending intended at its core to positively alter the trajectory of growing small businesses.

The philanthropic business visionary also serves as the president of the Gail Baird Foundation. The Gail Baird Foundation’s mission, led by the Sarasota-based Baird Inc. founder, is to support initiatives committed to increasing awareness of, researching, and ultimately curing ovarian cancer.


Real Estate Investor Eric Baird Purchases Hotel Ranola in Downtown Sarasota

Real Estate Investor Eric Baird Purchases Hotel Ranola in Downtown Sarasota

Local businessman and real estate investor Eric Baird has purchased Hotel Ranola, a boutique hotel in downtown Sarasota with 27 units.  Built in 1926, the hotel at 118 Indian Place initially catered to snowbirds seeking an escape from harsh Northern winters.

“Today, Hotel Ranola appeals to the sophisticated leisure and business travelers seeking a uniquely Sarasota experience,” said Baird, president of Baird Ventures. “We plan to maintain Hotel Ranola’s traditional charm while enhancing the overall appeal of this centrally located property.”

Baird Ventures acquired the hotel in January for $2.9 million. Hotel Ranola is just steps from Sarasota attractions, including movie theaters, shops, performing arts, spas, nightlife, dozens of restaurants, and the Sarasota bayfront.  It is four miles from Lido Key Beach and the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art.

The hotel, which has three employees, offers spacious rooms offer urban décor, full kitchens, and walk-in closets. Amenities include a rooftop sundeck.

Under Baird’s leadership, the Sarasota firm is focusing on under-utilized residential and commercial properties in Southwest Florida with the potential to improve income streams and significantly appreciate in value.

The Education Foundation of Sarasota County will administer $350 gift awards from Sarasota businessman Eric Baird by the end of the year.

Million-Dollar Gift Benefits Sarasota County Schools Teachers

                                                                                                                                                                              IMAGE: SHUTTERSTOCK

The 2,850 instructional staff employed by Sarasota County Schools will receive an unexpected gift in the form of $350 discretionary grants that may be used for personal or professional purposes. The Education Foundation of Sarasota County (EFSC) will administer the grants, which are made possible through a $1,075,000 cash donation by Sarasota businessman Eric Bairdwho owns Baird Inc., an investment company specializing in real estate and senior debt lending. Baird attributes his inspiration to reward teachers with the gift in honor of his late mother, Gail Baird, who believed that anyone could achieve their dreams with support and guidance. Jennifer Vigne, EFSC president, said the organization is excited to give the grants to teachers as the donation’s purpose aligns with the EFSC’s mission, which includes promoting excellence in teaching. The awards will be mailed to teachers by the end of this calendar year.